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World’s Fastest Mobile Scooter

World’s Fastest Mobile Scooter

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Ever walk around the grocery store and get stuck behind someone in their slow moving mobile scooter? Well, a man by the name of Colin Furze has got a solution for you and that slow moving mobile scooter in front of you. According to Guinness, he has built the fastest mobile scooter that uses two-stroke gasoline engine.

Furze’s mobile scooter is capable of reaching 70 mph, but Furze has claimed that it can reach a top speed of 82 mph. When he went 82 mph, the rear tires gave in and shredded, so he has decided to keep the top speed down to 70 mph. Initially, he thought 50 mph would be an acceptable speed for a mobile scooter, but according to Guinness they gave him a guideline to produce a scooter that could achieve at least 60 mph, he obviously beat that.

The mobile scooter was custom built all at home by Furze. Furze is also known for creating a jet powered pedal bicycle. Take a look at the video below, where Furze describes the development of his gasoline powered mobile scooter, and maybe grocery stores can learn from Furze’s mobile scooter development to help get the elderly in and out of grocery stores in record time.



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