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Top 5 BMW M Cars Ever Made

Top 5 BMW M Cars Ever Made

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Established in 1972, BMW Motorsport GmbH, later renamed BMW M, was originally created to facilitate BMW’s racing program, yet it grew to be so much more than just the racing division of BMW. Throughout the last 42 years, BMW has created the image of the M nameplate as being strong, sporty and luxurious- a competitive package that competes alongside the Mercedes-Benz AMG and the Audi RS lines. To ensure that it's differentiated from its non M counterparts, BMW utilizes modified engines, transmissions, suspensions, interior and exterior trims to define them as a top performance luxury car. Each and every M model is tuned and tested at BMW’s private facility at the Nurburgring racing circuit in Germany, ensuring that each model reaches and exceeds the benchmarks that the previous M Series set in the market. With such refinement and progression throughout the last 42 years, the M series has blessed us with a series of impressive vehicles, but these are the 5 that especially stick out to us here at CarVerse.


#5 BMW F28 M4

The BMW M4 is the latest introduction to the M series, and so far it does not seem like it will disappoint. While the car has not proven itself through market sales or comparison tests yet, the prototypes of a new engine utilizing two mono-scroll turbochargers show us that the M4 will continue on the legacy of the M-Series in combining new levels of power, performance and style, thus landing on our top 5 list. According to official BMW test reports, the new M4 sprints from 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds. Being the first new series introduced in the BMW lineup, we have high expectations for the F28 M4 setting new benchmarks for the future coupes in the M Series.



#4 BMW E90/91/92/93 M3

The last generation BMW M3 has followed the tradition of the previous M3 cars that have come before it, combining timeless style with power and performance that is unparalleled in the marketplace. Offered in 3 variants, the E90 series proved to be one of the most versatile and popular generations seen within the M series division. Powered by the S65 V8 engine, the E90 series produces 414 horsepower and just about 295 pound-feet of torque, paired with a standard six-speed manual transmission or BMW's F1 inspired dual-clutch transmission. With its high-revving V8, the E90 series M went from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. This combination has proven to be one of the best that the M series has produced, winning numerous accolades and side by side comparisons amongst it’s competitors.



#3 BMW E39 M5
The BMW E39 M5 was the first car in the M line to utilize a V8 engine, boast an impressive 4.9-liter size, and showing an equally impressive increase in power over the previous generation M5. Powered by the S62 V8 Engine, the car boasted a whopping 394 horsepower and about 369 pound-feet of torque, the E39 M5 showed that the BMW M line could deliver new levels of power and performance into a larger package. Considering the weight to power ratio, the E39 M5 featured a very respectable 0 to 60 time of  4.6 seconds. Paired with a fine M-tuned suspension, the E39 resonated well with enthusiasts for being a good balance between size, performance and style.



#2 BMW E30 M3

The BMW E30 M3 was revolutionary in the automotive realm of its time. The production of the E30 was originally a product of homologation to qualify the M3 to compete in the Group-A Touring car competition, producing a phenomenally equipped M-tuned suspension which boasted better handling to parallel the M3’s defined look. The E30 M3 featured a 0 to 60 time of 6.7 seconds, which was quite quick for cars of that generation. Designed to perform as a racecar, the E30 M3 truly set the standard for it’s predecessors in aesthetics, performance and overall quality for years to come.



#1 BMW E26 M1

As the first BMW to wear the M badge in the lineup, it comes with no surprise that the BMW E26 M1 holds a place in M history. While the M1 was originally set to be produced in conjunction with Lamborghini, delays in the partnership led BMW to produce the car on its own by utilizing two Modena based companies. The result led to a sporty coupe that redefined the racecar segment in its time, boasting a 3.5-liter, 6 cylinder engine equipped with a Kugelfischer fuel injection. The BMW M1 had a 0 to 60 time of 6.1 seconds, matching and even beating some of the top exotic cars of its generation. Seeing as only 346 of these hand-finished babies were produce, the BMW M1 is not only historically the first product in the M line, but also holds the title as the most rare in the M series.



For 42 years, BMW M has blessed us with extremely sexy cars that pack on performance, power and style all into one package. While each respective model has it’s own unique characteristics, these topped our lists in the history of the M-Series.
Which BMW M cars were you guys surprised to not see on the list?

Huy TranBy: Huy Tran


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