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Sexiest SuperCars (Part 1)

Sexiest SuperCars (Part 1)

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

We are here to present you with seven more automotive pieces of art. We have already said that Enzo Ferrari considered the Jaguar E-Type the most beautiful car ever made, and that many people feel that he based one of the most significant Ferrari models on it. So, the outstanding Ferrari is the:



This is the most expensive car in the world at the moment.  As I have said, many people think about its design was heavily based on Enzo Ferrari’s love of the E-Type.  However, the famous Italian company produced only 39 of these making each and every 250 GTO a very exclusive car.  Although the design is often attributed to Giotto Bizzarrini, it was actually a collaborative effort which included many people and Enzo even fired Bizzarrini and several other engineers as a result of a dispute surrounding the development of the 250 GTO.




This car is often considered to be the most significant Mercedes-Benz in history, and that is a tremendous honor.  It was made in 1956, and it had respectable 220 HP coming from a six-cylinder 3 L engine.  Even though the performance was stunning at the time, the design – including the famous Gullwing doors – is the reason why the 300 SL is instantly recognizable even today.  Its timeless heritage is easily seen in the modern SLS AMG and even its successor the AMG GT.  If a car’s design is used as a basis for a modern car almost 60 years later, there is absolutely no need to further elaborate on its value.




Almost any of them,  they are all the result of the same designing direction and philosophy, even though some iterations were more or less successful.  Apart from the original model, the 930 and 964 may be the best examples of a unique blend of lines which makes even the latest model instantly recognizable.  Add to this the boxer engines with a low center of gravity and unorthodox placing of them, both of which gave great accelerations and unmatched handling, and the 911 is here to stay.




Another American model on the list has to be the Chevrolet Corvette.  When a car is being produced from 1953 to present with only a two-year break back in the eighties, they must be doing something right.  The Corvette is currently in its seventh generation.  When it comes to the design, it is difficult to decide which generation is the best.  In my opinion, it would have to be either the C2 or the C3.  They are both unique, instantly recognizable and revered even today.  However, the current model C7 brought a huge change in design and technology, and it is just beautiful.  We will have to let some time pass before we can include the C7 on the list of the best looking cars in history, but let’s give credit where the credit is due – that C7 is absolutely stunning.




The massively priced One-77 was produced in just 77 units.  It packs a 7.3 L V12 engine with 760 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque.  Moreover, the designers have managed to follow the familiar Aston Martin philosophy and still improve the car’s shape so much that it won numerous international design awards.  The One-77 is a true homage to the glorious Aston Martin heritage in terms of performance, exclusivity and design.



When I started this list, I thought that the vast majority of cars would come from Italy.  A more thorough scrutiny reduced the number but the 33 Stradale has to be here.  Apart from its beautiful overall design, it was the first car to feature butterfly doors.  Moreover, it was a technological marvel even by today’s standards.  The engine was a 2 L V8.  Yes, eight cylinders with just 2 L of displacement.  The road version of the car produced 230 HP and had the top speed of 160 MPH.  Its influence is evident when you have in mind that the 33 Stradale served as the design basis for many other Italian concept supercars.



Yes, I know I said that each car needs to pass the test of time to reach this list, but I absolutely adore the Asterion, and the design is mainly a subjective feature, so I am being subjective. In all honesty, many other Lamborghini models deserve at least an honorable mention here, but the Asterion, at least to me, seems perfect enough to actually get some credit in advance.

I know I know; we have skipped so many beautiful and outstanding cars, and I am sure some of your favorites have not made the list.  Use the comments section below to tell us which.

Branislav SjeranBy: Branislav Sjeran

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