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How Not to Drive

How Not to Drive

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

We see them every day. They weave in their lane, they don’t signal, they drive incredibly slow, just to speed up and cut you off later. They are the nitwits of the road, people who don’t deserve a license. 

In this video, we have two such people recorded with a dash cam. In a surprising twist, this video is not from Russia. Just is from Russia. Do these crazy dash cam videos happen anywhere else? We really hope these videos are not representative of the average Russian driver.

Anyway, the dash cam car is driving straight down the road and then changes lanes to the right after passing a truck. A Mercedes S-Class then comes up beside the dash cam car and stupidly changes lanes in front of them while braking. The dash cam car then foolishly swerves to the right, hit the mud on the shoulder and spins out into the center median.

We don’t know what happened before this, but this is our best guess. The dash cam car probably wanted to go around the S-Class, and the Mercedes was in the left lane and got cut off when the other car went around. The Mercedes driver got their panties in a twist about it, and you see the rest. The take away is don’t be either of these people.


David SparksBy: David Sparks


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Category: Humor

Tags: dashcam, video, mercedes, sclass, crash, accident, russia

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