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Celebrating 60 Years of Ferrari

Celebrating 60 Years of Ferrari

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Ferrari celebrated its 60th anniversary this past weekend with a giant bash taking over the streets of Beverly Hills.  With over one thousand Ferrari’s packing the curbs and parking lots of the 90210, it was a site to behold for young and old.  Pretty much every model from Ferrari’s inception in 1954 up to present day showroom models were represented at the party.  And best yet, one of our favorite still shot specialists, Ted7 Photography, was there to capture the best of the pack bringing you a wide variety of cars for your viewing pleasure. 



There was something for everyone at the celebration no matter what your flavor.  If you grew up amazed at Ferrari’s racing teams taking the world by storm in the 50’s, there were plenty of examples to get you dreaming of the good old days.   Were you a fan of the legendary grand touring cars of the 60's and 70’s?  You were covered too with endless pristine examples in the show.  Oh, you grew up in the video game era and were a fan of the birth of supercars in the 80’s and 90’s?  The F40 and F50 could be found about as well.  Even the latest Ferrari’s from the recent automotive technology jump into the 21st century such as the Enzo and LaFerrari were there.



The main stage was set on Rodeo Drive where sixty of Ferrari’s most influential and legendary cars from its history were being showcased on the town’s most famous street.  There you could find some of the winningest race cars from Ferrari’s racing program sitting side by side with the rarest and most valuable street cars they ever assembled.  Included in the show was the “Race Through the Decades:  1954-2014” display with Steve McQueen’s 275GTB/4, Pebble Beach Concourse Best in Show winner, and the complete line-up of special limited anniversary models.

The showstoppers of the event had to be the latest creations to come from Maranello, topped by the extremely limited Ferrari F60 America being officially presented in public domestically for the first time.  Only ten units of this unique model are being produced, all of which have been spoken for by elite Ferrari collectors. 

Also in attendance were some of the newest models recently announced including a Ferrari 458 Speciale A, the first one to be sold in America.  Not to be outshined by its “lower” sibling, there were several LaFerrari’s parked about giving most show goers their first glance at the company’s latest hybrid hypercar.  Also present was Ferrari’s latest attempt at turbocharging, the California T, a model adapted to help combat the latest fuel economy and emissions requirements plaguing the country and world.



As you walked the streets you could find anything from the classic 250 GTO and 275 GTB/4, to the extreme track-only FXX and 599XX Evo, as well as everything in-between.  The cars had to be inducing day dreams of cruising PCH soaking up the scenic shoreline or hitting chicanes at stratospheric engine revolutions all day.  It was a show to remember and an excellent way to celebrate a brand that has brought us so much.  Here is to another sixty years of success for Ferrari!

Photos by Ted7 Photography



Ryan VirgilBy: Ryan Virgil

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